GradyVet PAL FutureGen Cl 4 (1-Probe)


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PAL FutureGen – Where The Future Shines Brightest. Introducing the brand new All-American
laser from Grady Medical. These 2023 model devices were engineered, sourced and assembled
right in the USA. Engineered with the same military-grade aluminum our customers are
used to having in our previous NextGen mode, the 3-watt FutureGen boasts a consistent
healing modality that has proven over the decades to be the ideal power for acute
and subacute healing needs.

Now with a bright LCD screen, you will have easy-display treatment
timers, that is still partnered with Grady360 for easy-access treatment protocols, but now in a slimmed
down design, you’ll be able to more easily fit the laser in the palm of your hand as you navigate your
treatment procedures. Take advantage of our grand opening price for a limited time!


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