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Providing quality medical equipment to the veterinary community since 1987.

Grady Medical Systems, Inc. has provided excellent veterinary equipment and veterinary supplies since 1987. Grady Medical offers a wide array of infusion pumps, ECG monitoring, cold laser therapy and veterinary diagnostic ultrasound for veterinary practices of all types. We carry a variety of new and refurbished veterinary medical equipment. For veterinary surgical equipment, we feature the best in patient monitoring, infusion and syringe pumps, and warming devices. Grady Medical also carries a broad choice of veterinary medical supplies for ECG monitoring, veterinary ultrasound, veterinary laser, and fluid pumps. We provide outstanding customer service, free tech support and free training on all veterinary equipment sold.

Grady Medical Systems is also leading the way in laser therapy technology.  We offer both Class 3B and Class 4 veterinary lasers and low light laser therapy, laser treatments can be customized to fit each individual practice needs. Veterinary laser is widely used for a variety of painful conditions and LLLT laser offers pain relief and reduced healing times with no negative side effects. Utilizing laser therapy for pain management allows practices to offer a non-pharmaceutical and non-invasive treatment option for their clients. Our laser therapy equipment is safe, durable, and made in the USA.

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Customer Satisfaction Guaranteed

Ordered 3 infusion pumps for our clinic. Ana was very helpful and efficient. Very easy and quick process as well as fast shipping.
Very helpful and timely in responses.
Anna was very helpful with our order.
Our clinic has used Grady Medical Systems products for many years. Grady is an excellent company to work with and stands behind all their products. They offer ongoing training and continuing education to help veterinarians become better practitioners and to use their products in their practices. They are always available to assist us and to upgrade their products when it is indicated. We highly recommend Grady Medical Systems.
Grady is a pleasure to do business with. It is rare to find a company that projects caring, professionalism, service and friendliness while offering quality products at a reasonable price. I am a repeat customer and have enjoyed every interaction with them. They are extremely helpful and understanding!
We've always had great experiences with Grady Medical over the years. Customer service is top notch and Ana has helped us troubleshoot and navigate several issues and helped us to find the right solution. Would highly recommend!
Absolute best customer care, products were shipped quickly. Ana was very helpful with any questions that I had. We use the syringe pumps and they get the job done. We have been using Grady Medical Systems for years!!!!!!!
Helpful chat service with Ana. All questions answered. Product ordered and shipped same day with tracking info.
The team here always provides a prompt and curious service. Also, always available to help and answer questions when needed.
Very Professional and Prompt Service.
Recently received our GradyVet 7903B Fluid Pump, and couldn't be more pleased. Very user friendly. Love the compact size. We will definitely be purchasing another in the near future.
Great product, great before and after support.
Always very helpful. Keep me posted on items I'm interested in. Easy buying process with good support.
I love the laser. I use it on every surgical patient and for my own personal dog who has hip dysplasia and arthritis in her back. It really makes a difference. They have always been helpful with any questions I've had and have always gotten back to me right away when I've emailed or called. Highly recommend them.
Quality products, good customer service.
Easy ordering.Great communication.Great training and tech support.Quick shipping.Great laser. Solid, Great quality.Ana and Josh (training) are great to work with.
Great communicator, true to their word. The equipment is reliable.
Anna is very personable and professional. This is the second time we ordered parts from Grady medical and both times they were so helpful
Have known and done business with the Gradys for more years than I want to admit. Always honest, always helpful. Highl;y recommend.
I purchased a therapy laser from them a few years ago and it has been a great asset to our practice. They let me try it for a few weeks and I tried to return it (because I hadn’t used it much and hadn’t seen the results because of this) but Ana wouldn’t let me return it. She said, “Dr. H, you haven’t used it, have you? I’m leaving it with you another 3 weeks and you better use it!” After that “talking to”, I made an honest effort to use it and I’m glad I did. I saw a marked improvement in many patients that could have been due to nothing other than the laser. I was impressed with the product as well as the service. They’ve always been there when I had questions.
On behalf of Estrella Veterinary Hospital, products are always delivered fast and in good quality!
Grady medical has always provided our clinic with quality products. Their customer service is always available when we have any questions. They always keep us apprised with information on new products.
Ana at Grady is always helpful , fast and knowledgeable. When I need something I call her first. When I have a technical question I always get the help I need.
Satisfied on all fronts regarding initial purchase and performance - 1 UNICO Microscope and 1 LX Centrifuge. Most appreciative of services rendered thus far.
Great product, easy to purchase. No complaints 🙂
Grady Medical was super helpful, found us the exact part we needed, and shipping was quick. Certainly made my job as Practice Manager easier that day!
We've used the Grady Class 3B laser unit in our hospital for 10 yrs with great success. We use it every day for acute injuries, post-op for surgery patients, chronic arthritis, wounds, etc. We love the safety, ease of use and the portability of the unit.
Kyle was very kind and informative in our recent conversation. With his information my Pocket Pal will be more productive.
A lot of products to choose from! Good customer service and the warranty is a plus.
Great prices, friendly people and fast service.
Ana is always super helpful with questions or supplies or equipment info!
Customer Service is top Notch! Prompt, accurate, helpful, a company that really works for you.
Great customer service.
Grady Medical has been outstanding to work with. We are a busy practice and use their Next Generation Class 3b cold laser and have had wonderful luck with it enough that we purchased a second one! We use their laser for post surgical and rehabilitation cases at our clinic. Anna and the team at Grady has been awesome to work with!
I appreciate the promptness that they answer our requests.
great service, and great quality product. Strongly Recommended
Great follow-up from the company. It's great they offer training videos. It's a convenient way to train new staff.
Nice job. Order arrived on time.
I have bought equipment numerous times over the last 20 years and I have always been happy.
I have always gotten good products and prices from Grady. Ana and the staff there are really helpful.
Many patents that are seen by our certified animal rehabilitation therapist,, Michelle Lazarski, have back, and neck pain, arthritic conditions, soft tissue injuries, or neurologic conditions. She uses the Grady Laser routinely to improve tissue healing, decrease pain. We and the pet parents see positive results. The Grady unit is easy to use and well tolerated. Dr. Gerstenfeld also uses the Grady unit on acupuncture points, avian and special species and skin inflammation. Grady is a very friendly and helpful company.
Good value on patient monitoring equipment.
Very fast to respond and very polite and worked with me, giving me all the options.Definitely would recommend them to others for their units and service.
We have used Grady medical multiple times in our non profit animal clinic and they are amazing!
Wonderful customer service. Great equipment. Ana was extremely helpful!
Great customer service and quick shipping of products. We recently purchased a laser and all info and pricing was explained thoroughly and the customer service was outstanding!
We enjoy using our Grady cold laser, and have had no issues when needing to contact support or general services. I will say, I have used some slightly more "modern" lasers, but this one is not difficult to use at all, and the pets seem to love coming to their laser appointments.

Featured Equipment

20230316_GMS_FutureGen Shoot_P2460226

Laser Therapy (Class 3b & 4)

Class 3B and Class 4 cold laser options. Grady360 dosing software-enabled. Home of the USA-made Grady PAL.

Diagnostic Ultrasound

Ultrasounds for all needs, state-of-the-art features, including detailed color doppler and EasyView™ software.

GMS_GMS 4500_P2260441

CO2 Cutting Laser

CO2 cutting lasers that are mobile, safe, effective and affordable. See why CO2 beats other surgical methods today.


Millimeter Wave

An effective European therapy staple now introduced to an American market. Experience the Grady difference today.

20210309_GMS_Grady Thermography IR_0O0A8517

Grady IR Thermography

Digital Infrared Thermal Imaging, with the touch of a button, identify problem areas quickly.

9300T front (2)

Patient Monitoring

Blood pressure, ECG, Sp02, respiration, Co2, temperature and more, 12″ and 8″ multiparameter monitors for every job.

7903B front_shadow

Fluid Pumps & Warming

A full line of fluid pumps to fit any budget. Touchscreen and bluetooth-enabled.

Syringe Pumps

Quality, user friendly CRI pumps with smart features that automates configuration.



Tried and true centrifuge units. Blood, urine, fecal, and micro-hematocrit capabilities.

Nonin 8500 Handheld Pulse Oximeter

Pulse Oximeter

Vital blood monitoring technology in the palm of your hand. Smart notifications.