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GradyVet PawPAL


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This little class 3B handheld laser is a dream come true if want an inexpensive, highly-portable unit for your home.
Weighing less than three pounds, our system is small and portable. Please contact us today at 1-800-800-2585 to discuss this exciting product – we look forward to answering any questions you have.

Nogier Frequencies: 73Hz | 146Hz | 292Hz | 584Hz | 1168Hz | 2336Hz | 4670Hz
Wavelengths: 850 nM and 660 nM
Number of Laser Diodes: 6×850 nM near-infrared light

10×660 nM red light

Power Output: 500mW
Timer Settings: 1-5 mins (each press increases or decreases by 30s)
Operational Modes: Continuous | Nogier Frequencies Pulsed
Display: LED Screen
Battery Capacity: Li-Ion 3800 mAh
Case Material: ABS
Lens Material: Tempered Glass
Battery Charger: USB type C connection port and plug


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