GradyVet 7903B Fluid Pump

The GradyVet 7903B fluid pump is one of our veterinarian favorites! It is compatible with any standard IV set and stores up to 200 editable brands. The pump has 5 infusion modes with rates from 0.1ml/hr to 2000ml/hr. WiFi capability allows for optional connection to a central monitor.


  1. 4.3 inch color touch screen display
  2. Easy calibration
  3. Quiet operation
  4. Vertical Line placement
  5. Compact design with pop-up handle
  6. Drug library
  7. Run Memory (patient history log)
  8. Available in pole mount or cage holder style
  9. Rapid infusion start based on last treatment
  10. 10 hours battery back-up time
  11. IP44 waterproof

Call for special pricing! 1-(800) 800-2585