PAL FirstGen

Class 3B or Class 4

The Grady Laser is durable, effective and easy to use. It’s portability makes it easy to get the laser from room to room in the small animal setting and is also a great choice for the mobile small animal or equine veterinarian looking to add cold laser to their practice. The Grady cold laser low level LLLT will provide your clinic with efficient treatments (typically between 1-10 minutes). Our veterinary laser therapy machine is very safe and we offer unlimited training to your staff so that anyone who will be hands on with the laser will be properly trained and ready to administer a variety of veterinary laser therapy treatments.

Veterinary therapeutic lasers are effective in treating osteoarthritis, Hip dysplasia, IVDD, anal fistula, chronic pain and inflammation, and just about anything ending in “itis”. Laser therapy is also effective in treating dermatitis, infection, open wounds, lick granulomas and post-surgical incisions.

The Grady Laser offers both Class 3b and Class 4 laser therapy options. Depending on your needs, our customer support team can help you find the right fit for your intended. Weighing less than three pounds, our system is small and portable. When you purchase through Grady Medical, we also offer a FREE package of doctor and client education, one-on-one training for your staff, and marketing to help your clinic get clients interested in laser therapy for their pets.

Please contact us today at 1-800-800-2585 to discuss this exciting product – we look forward to answering any questions you have.

  • Our Class 4 package includes the 3000 Multi Emitter and 750 Deep probes (pictured)
  • Fine tipped “Point Probe” is available for use with acupressure/acupunture treatments (Pictured)
  • Class 3b is also available (Click Here)
  • Aircraft grade aluminum probes for maximum durability
  • Adjustable frequency includes Continuous Wave (CW) and Pulsing Frequencies (Superpulsing is also available)
  • Automatic timer that alerts the user each time the set dose has been delivered
  • Weighs less than 2.5 Pounds – Very portable
  • Power source: Includes a rechargeable battery and charger
  • Safety: Includes two pairs of laser glasses
  • Detailed instruction manual with example protocols
  • Convenient carrying case
  • Made in the USA
  • Two year warranty
  • Class 3b and Class 4 probes available
With your laser therapy trial we include marketing, educational materials, and accessories as follows:
  • 50 laser brochures
  • 50 laser postcards
  • 1 laser poster
  • A disc with marketing graphics for your website
  • A disc with a marketing video for your website
  • A promotional DVD to interest your clients in the laser service
  • The New Laser Therapy Handbook, written by Lars Hode and Jan Tuner
  • Two pairs of laser glasses
  • A protective laser pouch for the control unit, with an easy to wear shoulder strap