GradyVet 9100

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The GradyVet 9100 is a great value in veterinary monitors. Our GradyVet 9100 patient monitors include ECG, non-invasive blood pressure (NIBP), respiration, temperature, and Sp02. We also include the ECG leads and all other accessories. Our vital signs patient monitors also include a built in printer (paper included) so that you can print out a full surgical report of trend data as well as ECG tracings. Would you rather have paperless monitoring? No problem! We also offer optional software which will allow you to save each patient’s procedure in a file on your computer instead. Weighing less than seven pounds, this new veterinary heart monitor is a great choice if you are looking for portable patient monitors.

  • Two year warranty
  • Full color Downloadable PDF
  • Parameters include: ECG, RESp, Sp02/Pulse, NIBP, TEMP
  • 7″ color high brightness TFT LCD monitor
  • Store & review 72 hours trend data and trend graphs
  • Parameter display
  • Portable design, stylish and convenient
  • Applications from small to large animal

This veterinary heart monitor is great for small animal use as well as for equine monitoring. Our veterinary patient monitor even has specific settings for different animal types (dog, cat, or horse). For example, if you set the machine on “cat,” it will look for the low profusion output in order to give you an accurate blood pressure reading. Oscillometric blood pressure is the easiest and fastest way to get accurate blood pressure readings that can be stored on your PC or printed for your records. The GradyVet 9100 is an affordable veterinary monitor that will give you a lot for your money.

At times we also have used patient monitors in stock so feel free to call us if you would prefer purchasing a refurbished veterinary monitor. If you like the GradyVet 9100 but would prefer a veterinary patient monitor with a larger screen, more diagnostic capabilities, and optional EtC02 readings, please check out the GradyVet 9200. Grady Medical Systems, Inc., has offered quality new and certified pre-owned patient monitoring since 1987 for all veterinarian needs.