Grady Vet 7902B Infusion Pump

GradyVetflo 7902B Veterinary infusion pump is the state-of-the-art, electronically controlled infusion device that incorporates the latest microprocessor technology with Bolus program.

  1. Small size–save space, easy to carry
  2. Rate Mode, Drop Mode, Time Mode, Piggy Mode
  3. Light and compact
  4. Flexible fixation clamp
  5. Air bubble size adjustable for air alarm
  6. Display of time remains for infusion completion
  7. KVO at 5ml/h
  8. Piggyback infusion function
Infusion Accuracy
± 5% (± 3% with infusion set of good quality after proper calibration)
Applicable IV set
15, 20, 60drops/ml, tubing diameter: 3.5-4.5mm
Infusion rate
Increment selectable: 0.1ml/h, 1ml/h, 10ml/h or 100ml/h
0.1-9999ml, Increment: 0.1ml/h
Accumulated volume
KVO Rate
Bolus Rate
1-1200ml/h (adjustable); Default: 600ml/h
Purge Rate
Air-in-line Detection
Mini. size of air bubble: 50ul (Levels 1, 2, 3, 4 adjustable); Default: Level 1
Occlusion Pressure
Occlusion Level Adjustable, 40-160kpa (low, middle, high selectable); Default: Low
AC Power
100-240V 50/60Hz
Built-in Battery
Li-Polyme 7.4V 1600mAh. Charging time: 8-12h with power on. Running time: 3h at rate 25ml/h
Power Consumption
On-board Battery/DC
DC 12V ± 1V
Working Conditions
Environment temperature 5C~40C Relative humidity: 10-90% (free of frost) Atmosphere pressure 86kPa~106kPa
Shell Size
130(w)x 130(h)x 80(d)mm
5 lbs.
12 Month Warranty