GradyVET 8900 Syringe Pump

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The GradyVet 8900 Syringe Pump includes smart-sensor technology. 

It automatically recognizes the size and type of your syringes without any manual input, which includes pre-calibration for Monoject syringes.

Rate Range
5-60 ml/h
Bolus rate
5ml:100.0 ml/h, 10ml:I00.0 ml/h, 20ml:200.0ml/h, 30ml:100.0ml/h, 50ml:500.0ml/h
Display Accumulative volume
0.1-999.9 ml. (Simultaneously in BOLUS status).
Infusion Precision
KVO Rate
After occlusion alarm, it will continue to work at the rate of I ml/h to keep the vein open.
Power Requirements
AC 85-265V, 50/Hz±lHz, 25 VA
Built-in Battery
Rechargeable lithium ion battery, DC8.4V, 1600mAh
Maximum Power Consumption
30VA. It can work continuously more than 3 hours at the rate of 500.0 ml/h after the battery is fully charged.
Battery Charge
The battery will charge automatically when connected to AC power supply
T 2AL 250V
Display the information
flow rate, accumulated volume, syringe size, battery capacity, battery charge indication, AC Power supply connection indication, completeness display, occlusion display
Alarm Function
Finish, almost finish, linding, the battery capacity is low, the syringe is abnormal, no AC
Sensitivity Parameters
Occlusion alarm parameters setting range:0.1-120
12 month warranty