GradyVet 7904B Infusion Pump

The new GradyVet 7904B infusion pump is the top of our infusion pump line! It is compatible with any standard IV set and stores up to 5000 treatment histories. The pump has 5 infusion modes with rates from 0.01-1200ml/h. WiFi capability allows for optional connection to a central monitor.

  1. 4.3-inch LCD color touch screen display
  2. Easy calibration
  3. Quiet operation
  4. Horizontal Line placement
  5. Automatic door
  6. Run history up 5000 entries
  7. Pole clamp
  8. USB port to download data
  9. Standby mode
  10. Automatic anti leakage clip
  11. Graphical and dynamical line pressure display
  1. Standard IV sets
  2. 1.8 kg / 3.96 lbs
  3. Flow rate .01 – 2000 ml/hr
  4. Bolus up to 2,000 ml/h
  5. Battery up to 9 hours at 25 ml/hr
  6. Micro mode for 60 d/ml size IV sets
  7. Adjustable KVO  0.01 – 5 ml/h
  8. VTBI 0 – 9999 ml
  9. Drug library
  10. Drop sensor
  11. Standby mode
Grady Medical 7904b Infusion Pump Specification Sheet
4.3 ” TFT Color Screen
Touch Screen
Infusion Door Design
Anti·free Flow Clamp
Working Principle
Linear peristalsis
Applicable IV Set Brands
Open system to use univeral IV sets with brand name editable
Concentration Calculate
Infusion Modes
2 modes(ml/h which includes rate mode and time mode; body weight)
Relay Mode
Mirco Mode
100ml/h to 1200m/l, programmable
Rate Range
0.01-1200ml/h with min. increment 0.01ml/h
Change Rate During Running
VTBI (volume to be infused)
Volume infused
Dose Rate units
More than 15 types
KVO Rate
0.01-5.0ml/h, Default Value is 1ml/h