Baxter / Travenol 6301 Infusion Pump


Baxter / Travenol 6301 Infusion Pump

The Baxter 6301 is from the same line of IV pumps as the Baxter 6201, except it offers two channels so that your clinic can deliver fluids to two patients at once. This pump is the upgraded version of the Baxter 6300 refurbished infusion pump. This upgrade offers the auto-restart feature, which means that when the animal bends its arm and causes an occlusion, the pump will re-start automatically once the arm straightens enough for the pressure to be released – this will be sure save your technicians time and hassle.

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  • Six month warranty
  • Dual Volumetric I.V. Pump
  • Flow check occlusion alarm
  • Flow rate calculation
  • Programmed delivery profiles
  • Incremental flow rate
  • Automatic restart once occlusion clears
  • Automatic piggybacking for secondary medications
  • Dimensions – 13” W x 5.1” D x 11.4” H
  • Weight: 17.9 lbs

This refurbished IV pump is definitely one of our most popular types of infusion pumps. This used infusion pump can be utilized in fluid delivery and also in blood delivery. All of our IV infusion pumps go through our thorough five step refurbishing process. First we clean and paint the pumps, then we insert a new battery, and end by calibrating the unit and running an IV line to test it and ensure it’s not giving error codes or false occlusions. This ensures that your clinic will get a pump that’s ready to go on arrival! We understand that there are many types of fluid pumps to choose from, so we strive to put out the best in veterinary medical equipment.

Our medical equipment for veterinarians is all backed by a warranty, and we do have technicians on-site to service and repair these refurbished fluid pumps if do have a pump out of warranty. This means that if you need medical equipment service, you can be confident that we will be here to fix your used veterinary equipment. At Grady Medical Systems, we know that you’re looking for durable veterinary medical equipment at the right price, and that’s what we’re here to offer you!