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After more than 25 years in business, we continue to service your veterinary equipment needs.

Looking for something new to set your clinic apart from some of the others in your area? Then you should buy a cold laser! Animal laser therapy is a great way to add a unique element your clients will love as well as adding a new stream of revenue to your veterinary practice. Cold laser therapy treatments can yield great results for your patients in treating a variety of conditions, including arthritis, lick granulomas and much more! LLLT is backed by more than 20 years of research. Also, our therapy lasers are backed by a three year warranty. Our laser is great for small animal laser therapy and also for equine laser therapy. Call our customer support team today to talk more about laser therapy: we offer great options for both class 3b veterinary lasers as well as class 4 lasers. We hope to talk to you soon about veterinary laser therapy.

We know that all clinics need a veterinary infusion pump, so please browse our site to find the very popular 6300 Baxter Travenol pump, as well as the other Baxter infusion pumps and new veterinary infusion pumps. We have infusion pumps veterinary clinics can depend on as they are built well and all backed by a warranty. We can provide you with great choices whether you are looking for new veterinary infusion pumps or refurbished infusion pumps. We also carry veterinary warming systems at a discount when you purchase any of our veterinary fluid pumps. If you are interested in refurbished infusion pumps, you won't beat the Baxter infusion pumps. The Baxter I.V. pumps have a variety of models including the following: Baxter 6200, Baxter 6201, Baxter 6300 and finally the Baxter 6301. The Travenol 6200 and Travenol 6201 are single channel infusion pumps, while the Travenol 6300 and Travenol 6301 are dual chamber infusion pumps. If you are more interested in new I.V. pumps, browse our selection to find the small, compact, veterinary specific VetFlo 7701B and VetFlo 7801B. Both of these veterinary I.V. pumps can pump blood or fluids, and are under five pounds. These new infusion pumps also take any standard IV set. We offer training with our customer support team on all of our new and refurbished veterinary medical equipment.

Are you in need of a veterinary heart monitor? We offer systems with vet ecg, blood pressure, Sp02, respiration, temperature and EtCo2. The GradyVet 9200 veterinary monitor would be a great choice if you're looking for a multi-parameter patient monitor that is loaded with features and will also allow you to move into paperless monitoring. This veterinary specific heart monitor also has diagnostic capabilities and can be adjusted based on the animal you're monitoring. If you are looking for a more basic low cost patient monitor that still has the features you need, the GradyVet 9100 is a great cheap heart monitor (cheap in price only!). This heart monitor is a very portable blood pressure monitor that will also allow you to read ECG, Sp02, respiration and temperature. It is a heart monitor with a built in thermal printer. Sometimes we also have refurbished veterinary heart monitors available. At times, we may have the following refurbished heart monitors in stock: Refurbished Cardell heart monitors, refurbished SurgiVet heart monitors, refurbished Bionet BM3 monitors, refurbished BM5 monitors, or refurbished Mindray heart monitors. We offer warranties on all of our EKG monitors, so call us today to find out what we have available now.

Before leaving our site, please be sure to check out or digital ultrasound systems. Our ultrasounds for veterinary use have applications for small animal ultrasound as well as equine ultrasound. We offer new veterinary ultrasound as well as refurbished veterinary ultrasound. If you want a used ultrasound, you will get a quality unit with a warranty through us. Both our new veterinary ultrasound and used veterinary ultrasound options can fit any practice. We offer two probes with each of our DUS so that you can select which will work best for your purposes. We offer rectal probes, linear probes, convex probes and small convex (also called micro-convex probes). We also offer digital handheld ultrasound if you are looking for a more portable ultrasound system. Oftentimes our specials on our new veterinary ultrasounds are so good that you won't even need to buy refurbished.

And remember…With 25 years in the business, we still put our name behind it!